Star Chaser: Terrestrial

by Direct Current



"Every story has a prelude. Every pony has a reason."

1.5 years later and I'm back with the prequel of my original Star Chaser album. It took about 6 months of on/off work (with some songs dating to further back than that). Unlike last time, most of the tracks here were made specifically with parts of a story in mind. While not as long as the first Star Chaser (by about 3 minutes), I feel each minute spent here is more meaningful.

Special thanks to aestaslux for the art.
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In progress long-version of the story:

Shorter version below:

This album is the story of Star Chaser, a simple pegasus who helps teach ponies to fly, and Limestone Pie, the mare she falls in love with. Strange storms that seem to fight against Pegasi magic start appearing across Equestria, destroying farms and leaving mess in their wake.

During one of these storms, Star seeks refuge on the Pie farm where only Limestone and her sister Marble are left to run it. Star agrees to help in exchange for having a place to stay when she doesn't want to fly all the way back to Cloudsdale after long days of teaching in the Southern areas.

Many months pass, and Limestone & Star begin to grow closer. (It also helps that Star & Marble get along pretty well, a rarity for the shy mare.) However, the storms get worse; It is only Star's flying that seems to keep the Rock Farm safe. One night, the worst one yet tears through their land. While fighting it, Star notices a strange magic within it that she believes might be the answer.

The storm passes, but not without taking. Limestone is lost to a stray boulder in the extreme winds. They alert the Princesses of the strange magic, but Star feels its too little too late. They stay on the farm with Marble for a while, but their heart is gone from it. It's then that Princess Luna appears to Star in their dreams to inform them of their findings; she was able to find the source of the strange magic. It comes from beyond the stars themselves, an odd signal that pulses across Equestria and disturbs its own magic.

Luna (with the assistance of the fastest fliers in Equestria) train Star Chaser to fly fast enough to escape gravity's pull. As the only pony to be able to sense the magic, only they may be able to put a stop to it. With the strongest enchantments the Princesses could create to protect them in the Vacuum of Space, Star leaves to follow the signal.

Leaving their life. Leaving behind the farm. Leaving behind Marble.


released June 21, 2017



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Direct Current New York, New York

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Track Name: Mere Exposure
Where would we be if the road turned sooner?
How different we'd be if we just learned sooner?

How would we act if we never met?
And how would you act if the world reset?

For every hell a new life awaits

The Differentia
The minor impacts push us on

The Differentia
Always makes us who we are
Track Name: Left Behind Again
A new emptiness
Promises in dust
I thought all was fine for   once

Left behind again
When will it end
Just this once
Let me free

She said twins don’t drift
She said she was stone
They told me they’d never leave

She told me be strong
When they left me
All I want
Is a friend with me

She just couldn't stay
They couldn't stay without her
Why can they all go
Leave me here again